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Fall 2007 – More fun sightseeing and Thanksgiving Dinner

Monday, November 26th, 2007

We took a drive up above Hood River, Oregon. It was a nice fall day and Mt. Hood stood proudly in the distance.

Hood River Valley, Mt. Hood and Bob…

Beautiful fall colors at Maryhill Campground. 


That’s Bob chasing geese on his segway!

Kristin (Andy’s girlfriend) cooked Thanksgiving dinner. 

 That scary looking guy is K.C.’s son, Andy.  He’s really harmless….

Dinner was delicious.  Thank you, Kristin.

 It’s snowing outside right now and we have about four inches on the ground.  I guess that’s all for the Autumn of 2007.  Stay tuned for winter adventures!

Fall 2007 Segway Fun

Monday, November 26th, 2007

We bought two Segways and have been totally enjoying them.  Bob fixed up a carrier so that we can carry them behind the pickup.


Our first excursion was on the Historic Columbia River Highway between Mosier, Oregon and Hood River, Oregon. The Historic Columbia River Highway was designed by Samuel Lancaster and constructed between 1913 to 1922.    This section of the highway was closed for a while after they built I 84, but recently has been reopened for bicycles and hikers. 

Here we are at the trailhead, ready to go on the nine mile adventure.

The view of the Columbia River from the Historic Highway is awesome.

 This island is called Chicken Charlie’s Island (nope I don’t know the story behind that one!).  This island has a house on it and is only accessible by boat.  Tom Selleck once owned it.

For more information on the historic Columbia River Highway, visit this website:

We camped at Maryhill Museum and rode our Segways three miles up the side of the mountain (paved road) to “Stonehenge.”  Our stonehenge is a concrete replica of the one in England and is dedicated to the service men of Klickitat County.  It was built by Sam Hill back in the early 1900’s, but that is a whole other story for another day and another set of pictures.

We visited the Maryhill cemetery which had headstones dating back to the 1800’s.  Pat, we thought you’d be interested in seeing these!

Willie L. 1869 to 1880

George died in 1872.

Camilia, 1889.

We also rode the Segways on the Riverfront trail in The Dalles, Oregon.  This is a 10 mile bicycle path along the Columbia.  We only made it about 7 miles (14 round trip) because we were running out of daylight.

This is Bob at Fort Rock.  Lewis and Clark camped here.  They did some excavating and found artifacts on this very spot.

A friend of ours was the project manager for the company that built this building along the riverfront.  It looks good, Dave!

Time to turn around, it’s getting dark.  This tunnel goes under the RR track.  The trail goes on up to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, but we’ll have to do that another day.

Autumn around the house

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

We are at home in Lyle, Washington.  As it turns colder the hills are turning colors and the wild turkeys are growing plumper.  Here is the view out of our front door in Lyle.

This is the view out of our back door looking across the Columbia River to Oregon.

This is on the old highway just above Lyle.

Once a week I drive to the little town of Klickitat.  The autumn scenery is awesome.

You catch a glimpse of the Klickitat River in this one.

It is breathtaking.

 I also drive across the mountains once a week to the little ranching town of Centerville.  I almost always see deer, and today I saw a flock of turkeys.  I’m sure there were over 100 gobblers, some crossing the road and some on each side.

I always enjoy driving the Lyle-Centerville Highway in Autumn.

Yup, it’s gorgeous here.  Come on up and visit!

Check back next week.  Bob and I are going camping this weekend at our favorite campground in Maryhill, Washington.  We’ll be riding our new Segways so we’ll find someone to take our picture.