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Spring Break in Texas, 2007

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

I flew to Texas on March 31, 2007 to spend my spring break with Bob.  Bob met me at the airport and we drove to Laguna Park for the night.  On Sunday we spent the day moving the motorhome to the Thousand Trails Park at Medina Lake.  Medina Lake Thousand Trails is a nice park. 

The deer here are very friendly.

At Medina Lake, we had three flags flying:  The U.S., Oklahoma State, and Washington State Flags.

Medina Lake is still pretty low – more rain please…

While down there, we drove to Luchenbach, Texas.  We didn’t see Waylon, Willie or the Boys…

The infamous dance hall…

Inside the dance hall where Waylon and Willie once played…

The facilities at Luchenbach…

Inside the bar at Luchenbach…

Luchenbach post office is now a tourist shop…

On Wednesday, we moved the motorhome back to our home Thousand Trails Park at Lake Whitney.  Thursday and Friday were just plain restful days.  That’s the way we like it.

I flew home on Saturday.  Catch y’all later!

A Sunday Afternoon Drive in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Many people believe the old ad campaign that it always rains in Oregon and Washington.  That’s because years ago, back when I was a kid, the State of Oregon decided they really didn’t want a bunch of “outsider” tourists coming in.  They started an ad campaign that had a theme along the lines of,  “Come to Oregon and Rust.”  It was a clever campaign.  It worked really well.  Now people believe that Oregon and Washington are wet, wet, wet.  The truth is, however, that only western Oregon and Washington get a lot of rain.  It’s dry and hot over here on the east side of the Cascade mountains.

Last weekend I took a drive down into Oregon.  I drove across the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and into the Warm Springs River Valley.

There are a lot of horses on the Reservation.

The view looking west towards the Cascade Mountains is breathtaking.

There are plenty of interesting geological formations also.

Even though it is dry on the east side – we do have rivers.  They’re all tributaries to the Columbia.  This is the Warm Springs River.  Well in this case, it’s a tributary to a tributary.

In the summer, temperatures often climb into the three digits and we’re lucky if it cools down to 80 degrees at night.  In the winter, we do get snow.  Overall, however, we don’t get all that much rain here on the east side.

So now if someone says it always rains in Oregon and Washington, you know better!

Here is the early morning view from my back door.  This is looking across the Columbia River to the mountains on the Oregon side.

I’m thinking we should build a deck back here – what do you think?