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Home again; end of summer trip

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

We’re back in Lyle.  K.C. goes back to work tomorrow.  That’s it for this summer – the memories are amazing and Bob and I are planning next summer already!

Stay tuned for information about our FALL FUN!!!!!!

Be well y’all.

August 5 – 13, 2006 – Pacific City and Fort Clatsup

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

While camped at the Thousand Trails Park near Pacific City, we took a road trip north to visit Fort Clatsup at the mouth of the Columbia River.  Fort Clatsup is the place where Lewis and Clark wintered.  There is a replica of their fort there…

with living exhibits…

Is it Meriweather? 😉

Another picture?!!!

If you’re ever in Pacific City, Oregon, be sure to stop in at the Pelican Pub and Brewery Restaurant.  You are able to eat on the patio overlooking the beach.  This is the view from the Pub…

Once again the weather was with us. 

August 5 – 13, 2006 – Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

We left Leavenworth and drove across the Cascade Range to stay at the Thousand Trails Park near Chehalis, Washington.  While there we enjoyed the pool and spa and also took a couple of road trips to see Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.

Our road trip into Mt. Rainier was really fun.

Bob was stationed on Mt. Rainier back in the 50’s when he was in the military.  At that time, he had a picture taken on this very same bridge at Christine Falls.  Bob said to me, “I remember a bridge.  If you cross it, I will know it.”  He recognized it immediately when we drove across it.


Both the park and Mount Rainier were breathtakingly beautiful…

We were told that we were lucky to be able to see the mountain.  Some people said they had been there several times and every time the mountain was clouded over with no visibility.  We just live right, I guess.  😉

Bob also remembered this canyon from his days on the mountain.

It was such a nice day; enjoyed by all!

A couple of days later we took a road trip up to Mt. St. Helens.

Again we had a nice, sunny, clear day.  The devastation of the blast is still evident although things are starting to green up nicely.  Notice the trees lying on the ground – they were blasted down during the eruption.

K.C.’s brother, Chuck, flew her over the volcano a year after the explosion.  She remembers seeing trees scattered every which way like toothpicks shaken from the box.

There is evidence of devastation for 17 miles…

 Bob’s camera zooms right into the crater.  Notice the steam coming from the vent.  We were told that Mt. St. Helens continuously erupts a dumptruck load of ash and material every ten seconds, continually building the dome in the crater.

It was a pretty awesome sight even now – over twenty years after the eruption.

On August 13, K.C. and Bob battened down the motorhome and drove to the Thousand Trails Park at Pacific City on the Oregon Coast.

August 2 – 5, 2006 – Leavenworth

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

After spending a few days at home base in Lyle, we traveled on to the Thousand Trails Park near Leavenworth, Washington.  Leavenworth is a Bavarian tourist town near Wenatchee, Washington.   When the forest industry began to shut down due to new rules and regulations governing the harvesting of trees, the people of this logging town decided that in order to save their town from extinction they would turn it into a tourist town.  Since the mountains around there are extremely rugged, they decided to choose a Bavarian theme.  This popular tourist destination is definitely a must see – once!

Downtown Leavenworth…

In the winter, the town is decked out with Christmas lights – in the summer, the flowers are beautiful…

We enjoyed a visit with K.C.’s lifelong friend, Wenda.  She and her partner, Kim, weld yard art from junk – or as Kim calls it, “yart.”  K.C. purchased a kokopelli from Kim.  Thank you, Kim.  This is Kokopelli Yart.


On the 5th after breakfast at the local restaurant, K.C. and Bob headed out for their next destination – Chehalis, Washington.


June 24 – 30 – Yellowstone to Rigby to Bend and then Crater Lake

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

We left Yellowstone via the west entrance.  After stopping in the town of West Yellowstone for lunch and a movie at the big IMAC  theater there, we drove down past Island Park to Rigby.  Passing through Island Park reminded me of my friend and co-worker, Greer.  What a beautiful place to grow up, Greer!

We stayed the night in Rigby with AnnaMarie and Mark and then headed west the next day.  After traveling the freeway all day, we found an RV park just west of Idaho Falls and stopped for the night.  Then we hopped into the pickup for a quick trip along the scenic Thousand Springs Highway and on down to Jackpot, Nevada where Bob waited patiently for K.C. to do a little gambling at Cactus Pete’s.  After eating dinner at the casino buffet, we headed back to the RV Park for a good night’s rest.

The next morning, we drove west to Ontario and then left the freeway and traveled through Harney County into Oregon.  We made it past Burns, Oregon and spent the night boondocking in a rest area at the very top of the Blue Mountains.  From there, we drove on in to Bend, Oregon and found our Thousand Trails RV Park near Sunriver, Oregon. 

We spent a day just relaxing by the pool.  Our Thousand Trails Parks are really nice.  The next day we drove down to Crater Lake, which is actually misnamed.  Crater Lake was not formed by a meteor impact as many people believe.  It was a volcanic mountain called Mount Mazama that blew its top and then collapsed into a caldera.  The caldera then filled with water to form Crater Lake. 

The crater is filled by rain water and snow melt.  It is deep and pure which gives it a most beautiful blue color.

Wizard island is actually a volcanic cone that has grown tall enough to bring it above water level…

The contrast between the beautiful blue of the lake and the lovely green of the trees is breathtaking…

The little island seen in this picture is called Phantom Ship Island.

We ate lunch at the historic Crater Lake Lodge and also were able to see the project that one of K.C.’s friends, Dave, is managing near the lodge.  His company also rebuilt the Crater Lake Lodge some years ago.  Impressive work, Dave!

We drove back to the Thousand Trails RV Park.  Bob rested while K.C. went and soaked in the hot tub for an hour or so.  The next day we drove home to Lyle.  From here, we will be exploring Washington State.  Stay tuned!