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Pacific City

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

After the Redwoods, we followed Coast Highway 101 north to Pacific City.  The weather was great – it was sunny and warm at the coast.  Now that’s lucky.

While at Pacific City, we took a day trip to Tillamook, Oregon.  The Air Museum at Tillamook was a blimp hangar during WWII.  This is a wooden structure.  There were two but one burned. 

Bob enjoyed looking over all of the vintage airplanes, engines and equipment displayed in the museum.

Those blimps needed a huge hangar!

Bob worked on these planes when he was with Douglass.

We left Pacific City and headed for home in Lyle.  After checking in with Andy and Kristin (K.C.’s son and his girlfriend), we headed 30 miles further east to our favorite campground at Maryhill.  In all of our travels, our favorite campground is only 30 miles from home!

K.C. began work in the schools at the end of August and that ends our fun for the Summer of 2007.  Stayed tuned for pictures of our awesome Autumn!  Be well all.

Coast Highway 101 up through the Redwoods

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Bob has always wanted to see the Redwoods so we headed north to the Redwood National Forest.  Both of us were simply in awe.  The trees are huge, beautiful and awesome.  Our first stop was at one of the drive through trees that can be found throughout the Redwoods.


In the olden days, logging the redwoods must have been quite the challenge.

As we traveled on northward through the Redwoods, we found the most beautiful place in the forest on the old highway.  We stopped at a pull out to have lunch and simply enjoy the beauty of the forest.

There’s not much more I can say about the Redwoods.  Pictures say it all.


We really enjoyed the redwoods.  I suspect we will be back!

Emigrant Gap to Coast Highway 101

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

We left the campground and drove west on California Highway 20.  It was steep, narrow, and curvy down off the mountain; flat and straight with construction across the valley floor; and then steep, narrow and curvy back up and over the Coast Range. 


Lake Tahoe, July 25, 2007

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

We spent a day driving around Lake Tahoe. 

Needless to say, the beauty of Lake Tahoe is simply breathtaking.

Yosemite to Emigrant Gap

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

We left Bishop, California on Monday, July 23 after having one tire replaced.  As it turned out, all the tires were good except the one with the bulge.  The tire man took one look at the bulge in the tire and the sidewall and said, “You have pinched this tire up against a curb.”  After thinking back, we realized that we did it in Amarillo when we were parked on a very narrow street.  Bob went back in and told the tire man, “Okay, just change one tire.  My wife remembers when we did this.”  The man replied, “Wives remember everything.”  The people in the waiting room asked Bob, “Was your wife driving?”  Bob replied, “No, I was driving but my wife was managing.”  Uh huh!  😉

We drove up California Highway 395 to Carson City, Nevada where we missed the bypass road and ended up taking the Kram-A-Lott Inn right through downtown Carson City.  We headed on north to Reno, Nevada and then took Interstate 80 west up and over Donner Pass.  I 80 over Donner Pass has to be the worst road we have ever driven.  It is made of concrete and is riddled with cracks and holes.  We left I 80 two miles east of Emigrant Gap to stay at the Thousand Trails RV Park there.  Wow, what scenery and we are parked right in the middle of it!

Tomorrow we will take a scenic drive around Lake Tahoe.  Pictures to follow.  Take care y’all.