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Spring 2007

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

It has been a long winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  It seems as though it turned cold about Halloween last year and we are only now warming up.  Bob came up for our annual birthday visit from January 20 through February 17.  We had our second annual romantic weekend at the Channel House at Depoe Bay and spent a nice four weeks together.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to post the pictures that we took because they are too large to be uploaded.  I’ve now changed the size in my camera so hopefully that will remedy that problem.

 Spring has sprung now though, and I spent this morning weeding my flower bed.  I’m posting a picture of the finished project as a test to see whether or not the pictures will upload.


Okay, I think it is going to work now.

K.C. will be flying to Texas on March 31 to spend the week of spring break with Bob.  It looks like we will be taking the Kram-a-Lott Inn down to the San Antonio area.  Stay tuned for pics and narrative from that trip.


Christmas 2006 in Texas

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

On December 16, 2006, K.C. flew to Dallas, Texas to spend Christmas Break with Bob.  We spent a couple of nights at Lake Vineyard RV Park in Grapevine, TX and then headed south to the Thousand Trails Park at Lake Whitney, south of Dallas.  It was a fun couple of weeks even if the weather was a tad chilly.

Driving in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is always a thrill…

We took a little side trip to Abbott, Texas which is the town where Willie Nelson grew up.  Here’s the general store in Abbott…

This is the church in Abbott that Willie and his sister have bought.  We were told it is going to be made into a museum, but at this time it appears that it’s still being used as a church…

We ate a couple of times at the “Up in Smoke BBQ.”  Now that’s some good Texas BBq!

We also took a trip to Crawford, Texas which is about 20 or 30 miles from Lake Whitney.  Crawford is where President Bush has his ranch and he was at the ranch while we were in Crawford.  We didn’t run into him.  Darn.  K.C. was looking forward to giving him her opinion of “No Child Left Behind!”

Merry Christmas, GW!

Danged if K.C. didn’t run into Clint there too!

We took a trip up to Dinosaur Valley State Park.  Wow!!!  In prehistoric times that part of Texas was beach on the edge of the ocean.  Two kinds of dinosaurs lived there.  When the climate changed, the sand they walked in was covered and the sand turned to rock with their tracks forever imprinted there.  As the Paluxy River erodes away the upper layers of dirt and rock, the tracks are exposed.  There are enough tracks there that the experts came in and studied the tracks to find out how fast dinosaurs traveled.  I can’t remember the exact name of the dinosaurs that lived there, but one stood on two feet and had three toes, and the other walked on all four and looked like a brontosauras.  Here is what they looked like and here are pictures of their tracks.  Way cool, eh?


We drove to Waco to see the Texas Ranger Museum and the Dr. Pepper Museum.  Did you know that Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas?

Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco…

Dr. Pepper was invented in an old time pharmacy.  Back then the upper floors of the building were used to mix and bottle the Dr. Pepper.  On the ground floor they had a cigar shop…

A fountain…

and the pharmacy where Dr. Pepper was actually invented….

It has a working old time fountain there but don’t buy the soda – it’s flat!

The Texas Ranger Museum is particularly fascinating if you are interested in firearms.  There are thousands of guns in there!

Look!  It’s long lost Uncle Sam, Texas Ranger….


In our travels we came upon some interesting sites – like this drive through liquor store…

and honest to goodness Texas Longhorns!

Somedays we just stayed in camp and enjoyed the facilities.

Or went out to dinner at the local buffet…

Although too short, Bob and K.C. enjoyed their time together.  Bob is flying up to Washington on January 20th and will stay a month of so.  K.C. can’t wait for him to get here!  They already have a trip to the coast planned, so check in later for more pictures and narrative!  Be well and stay warm, y’all.



Palm Springs – November 21 to 26, 2006

Monday, November 27th, 2006

After K.C. finished work on Tuesday, November21, we jumped into the motorhome and headed south.  We made it to Medford, Oregon the first night. On Wednesday, we slipped our way over Siskiyou Summit just ahead of the snow.  Wednesday night we stopped at a rest area just before heading up over the Grapevine into Los Angeles.

On Thanksgiving Day, we were up bright and early and on the road up the Grapevine before 7 a.m.  It was foggy until we came out on top.  We then drove on down the other side and into Los Angeles.  We took SR 210 to I 15.  From I 15 we moved onto I 10 and took it into Palm Springs arriving about noon.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner with Bob’s friends’ Gene and Dolores, and then drove on out to the Thousand Trails RV Park east of Palm Springs.    We had great weather and sunshine, excellent tours of the area by Gene and Dolores, and a good time.

Check out these palm trees!!!

Pretty cool, eh?  On Saturday, we drove into Ontario, California and spent the night in a motel.  K.C. flew out of Ontario at 6 a.m. on Sunday.  She arrived in Portland, Oregon at 8 a.m. where her son Andy picked her up at the airport after slushing his way down the gorge in four to six inches of sloppy snow.  Meanwhile, Bob had breakfast with Gene and Dolores and then hit the road.  He made it almost to Phoenix the first night and drove on into Tucson the second day.